Conventional Extinguishing Control Panel

1-    Extinguishing panel Standard/XC1001-A

The compact dimensions of the Standard variant of XC1001-A are ideally adapted for single-sector applications, small to medium installations. It provides a full range of monitored inputs and outputs as well as digital and relay outputs. Self-contained control panel including fire detection and extinguishing control. The configurable relay outputs can be used to transmit information to a FS20/FS720 fire detection panel via FDnet/C-NET I/O modules. the detection lines can be configured to AlgoRex‚ Cerberus PRO‚ Sinteso and Synova conventional and collective devices. easy and fast commissioning using 4 digital displays.

2-    Extinguishing panel Comfort/XC1005-A

The XC1005-A Comfort variant offers the same functions and connection possibilities than XC1001-A. Thanks to the robustness of the cabinet, this variant is an ideal choice for medium size single-sector installations. with large and robust cabinet, a maximum of 72 h backup time with battery capacity of 17 Ah, more space inside the cabinet for optional interfaces or modules and display countdown timer before extinguishing release.


3-    Extinguishing panel Rack/XC1003-A

The XC1003-A 19" Rack variant offers the same connection possibilities than XC1001-A. Up to 16 panels can be installed in a 19" housing and configured to control a complex multi-sector installation.
Thanks to the optional multi-sector modules, up to 16 panels can be connected together, a common control cylinder can be activated, selector valves can be controlled and their position can be monitored and inter-blocking functions can be configured