FibroLaser - linear heat detector

1-    Speed plus precision equals safety

When a fire breaks out in tunnels, halls, parking garages, cable trays, or on conveyor belts, fast action is required. In such a situation, it’s about protecting lives, minimizing material assets damage and avoiding costly outages. To meet these challenges, Siemens offers the linear heat detection system (new: line type heat detection system) FibroLaser™, a worldwide proven solution that also represents the largest installed base on the market.


2-    Protection of people and goods - FibroLaser in rail tunnels

Electromagnetic fields, humidity, dust, dirt, and draft are the main challenges for reliable fire detection in train tunnels. The linear heat detection system (new: line type heat detection system) FibroLaser is well equipped for it and completely insensitive to such disturbances.

3-    Protection in obscured areas: FibroLaser for industrial applications

As a robust and maintenance-free system FibroLaser is the optimal heat detection system for areas with harsh environmental conditions and the presence of e.g., corrosive gases, high humidity or dirt. It is also the perfect system for areas where the sensor is no longer accessible after installation