ASD - Aspirating Smoke Detection

Aspirating smoke detectors continuously draw air samples from the areas requiring protection and evaluate them for the presence of smoke. They ensure reliable fire detection in demanding application areas, where earliest possible fire detection is essential and business continuity is paramount.

The aspirating smoke detectors FDA221 and FDA241 from Siemens use two wavelengths to differentiate between smoke and deceptive phenomena. This enables increased detection reliability even in the most demanding environments. In addition, FDA221 and FDA241 can be directly integrated into a fire protection system from Siemens.


Extended optical detection thanks to dual wavelengths (blue and infrared): The aspirating smoke detectors FDA241 and FDA221 use dual-wavelength technology to trigger an alarm at the earliest possible moment. They are designed to protect small and medium-sized business-critical environments for monitoring areas of up to 800 m2 (FDA241) or 500 m2 (FDA221). The detectors continually suck in air through a pipe system via their aspirating holes. The air is fed into a uniquely designed detection chamber, in which tiny smoke particles are detected by scattered light.