Fire detectors are the foundation of virtually all fire protection systems. However, this does not mean all detectors are the same. On the contrary, the requirements for reliably detecting fires vary as greatly as the application areas themselves: Fire detectors analyze the surrounding air to identify elements of fire, such as smoke, heat or carbon monoxide. This task may be relatively easy or very hard depending, for example, on the presence or absence of deceptive phenomena like exhaust gases and kitchen fumes. Therefore, our portfolio includes automatic detectors covering the whole spectrum from simple to highly complex signal analysis, for guaranteed fault-free detection under all circumstances. From data centers to industrial production facilities – we offer appropriate detector equipment for all environments, thanks to our intelligent detector technology (DA) and advanced signal analysis (ASAtechnology) that exactly matches the conditions on site.

002 Sinteso


1-    ASA Fire Detectors

       Neural Fire and CO Detector FDOOTC241-Sinteso (EN)

       Neural Fire Detector FDOOT241-A-Sinteso (EN)

      Wide-Spectrum Smoke Detector FDO241-Sinteso (EN)

     Heat Detector FDT241-Sinteso (EN)

      Neural Fire and CO Detector OOHC740-Cerberus PRO (EN)

       Neural Fire Detector OOH740-Cerberus PRO (EN)




2-    Multi-Sensor Detectors

       Multi-Sensor Fire Detector FDOOT221-Sinteso (EN)

       Multi-Sensor Fire Detector OH720-Cerberus PRO (EN)

       Multi-Sensor Fire Detector OH110-Cerberus PRO (EN)


3-    Smoke Detectors

       Wide Spectrum Smoke Detector FDO221-Sinteso (EN)

       Smoke Detector OP720-Cerberus PRO (EN)

       Smoke Detector OP110-Cerberus PRO (EN)


4-    Heat Detectors

       Heat Detector FDT221-Sinteso (EN)

      Heat Detector Static and Rate of Rise HI720-Cerberus PRO (EN)

      Heat Detector Static HI722-Cerberus PRO (EN)

       Heat Detector Static and Rate of Rise Conventional HI110-Cerberus PRO

       Heat Detector Static Conventional HI112-Cerberus PRO (EN)