FM200 Extinguishing System


HFC227 ea (FM200) Extinguishing System is First choise of Extingishing system in presence of Human. FM200 Systems is Fast, Clean and safe system to protect your valubale equipment like as Data!!





Points to be clarified in advance to using FM 200 Extinguishing system

The detection concept is the key factor in determining a gas extinguishing system's functional ability to achieve its protection goal ("to extinguish the fire before major damage to property or cost-intensive operational stoppage is caused"), to the customer's satisfaction.

It must therefore be ensured that any proposed detection concept covers the protection goal of the extinguishing system, and that it creates the conditions which will enable this goal to be attained. This will only be achieved if the detection system is implemented in accordance with the valid guidelines.

Before a FM200 extinguishing system can be offered and planned, the following points must be clarified by the responsible project manager (on this subject, see also the technical documentation from the training course):

  • specify the protection goal
  • define the fire risk
  • select the minimum design concentration that is required
  • dimensions, gross and net volume of the protection zone
  • maximum permissible excess pressure in the protection zone
  • position of the overpressure flaps (if necessary)
  • location and weight of the cylinder battery / batteries
  • type and correctness of the control / detection for the selected protection goal (see also: protection concept for high risks)
  • permissible routing of the pipe network
  • clarify all passages and openings (statics)
  • specify the applicable national guidelines
  • clarify the acceptance procedure
  • clarify the certificates required for pressure vessels
  • any other country-specific points to be clarified in advance

It must be remembered that the cylinder battery has to be installed so that it is dry and protected from direct sunlight.

At least 80 cm should be allowed as the distance between a cylinder battery and a wall or other cylinder batteries. This makes it a great deal easier to replace cylinders after the system has been activated, or if a leak occurs. Divergences occur in those cases where cylinder batteries are fixed directly onto a wall.

The extinguishing gas storage area should be located in a separate room, which is not exposed to excessive risk of fire, but should be located as a close as possible to the flooding zone. However, if this is not practicable, suitable physical security against tempering shall be provided.

It is recommended that the extinguishing gas storage area shall be

  • easily accessible, even in the event of fire,
  • protected against access by unauthorized persons,
  • used for this purpose only,
  • normally kept on temperatures between 0°C and 35°C,
  • equipped with ventilation,
  • planned in such a way, that maintenance and inspection can be easily carried out, and electrically illuminated.

Operating instructions shall be permanently affixed inside the extinguishing gas storage area in a highly visible position.

The name of the company responsible for maintenance of the system, the year of installation, instructions for use and maintenance and relevant data for the installation, shall be available in the inert gas storage area.

"Work to be undertaken by customers / others" is not included in the extinguishing system installer's scope of delivery, and these items must be undertaken by the customer. Siemens Building Technologies & Adish Pad Mehr as Solution Partner draw attention to these points which the customer himself must clarify:

  • specification and hydraulic calculation of the permissible overpressure (if critical)
  • drilling and positioning penetrations and drilled holes for overpressure flap(s)
  • and pipes
  • installing the overpressure flap(s) (if needed)
  • sealing all passages, leaks and openings (pressure-tight, according to the design of the room and/or fire resistance)
  • earthing the pipe network
  • acceptance of the system(s) by the acceptance authorities
  • any test flooding which may be needed
  • maximum permissible floor load
  • protection of the cylinder batteries against deliberate damage or sabotage/
  • tampering
  • door and window closers
  • doors in the protection zone must open outwards
  • control equipment to be provided in case of fire
  • dismantling and installing false floor / ceiling

SIEMENS presents FM200 under Sinorix 227 with following specification:

System type High Pressure 42 bar
cylinder size(L) 7,16,32,67,80,120
Discharge time (S) 10
System Certificate Vds
Cylinder Test Pressure (Bar) 300
Software for Hydraulic calculation Vds
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