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Relying on our decades of experience and the state-of-the-art products, systems and solutions, we pursue our passion to create the safe world. Our main concern is protecting people and critical assets from fire and provide optimized solutions according to the latest technologies and standards.


Adish Pad Mehr Co. is a leading company mainly in the field of Safety Systems. Everything you need for comprehensive fire safety, our portfolio covers it all including fire detection & fire extinguishing systems. Complete, innovative and scalable fire safety solutions for every demand, from small to very large and from simple to complex.


Our services include but not limited to design, engineering, consultancy, procurement, installation, supervision, commissioning, training, maintenance and after sales services. Dealing with wide range of customers in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power Plant, Copper, Steel Industries and Commercial Buildings has made us strong & experienced in all safety related applications.


Adish Pad Mehr is the official SIEMENS Solution Partner in Fire Detection and Fire Extinguishing system, and the Exclusive agent of DSPA.nl in Aerosol Extinguishing system.


Participating in numerous training courses, our highly qualified and certified team can fulfill any customer’s demands and develop unique, custom-engineered solutions and systems.