Integrated Building Management Platform -Desigo CC







Desigo CC is ideal for integrating systems from different vendors of all building functions including fire safety, security, HVAC, lighting, power, video, danger and energy management. It is based on global communications standards such as BACnet, OPC, Modbus, IEC 61850, SNMP and ONVIF, allowing external applications to read and write real-time data via a REST web service interface. 3rd-party devices using proprietary protocols can also be integrated through Desigo CC drivers.




§  One system to install, program, control and maintain


§  The open architecture is easily adaptable to future building changes to cover additional building applications


§  Freedom to integrate any device in the system


§  Existing subsystems can be integrated


§  Up to 35‘000 physical points


§  500 floor plant graphics + 500 process plant graphics


§  5000 Trend Log objects


§  Import of AutoCAD graphics


§  Intelligent and automatic graphic assignment during data import


§  Changes to the system are done fast with no interruption of the operation


§  Enhanced efficiency and optimized building operations


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