In 1990, shortly after the Montreal Protocol and the global ban on halogenated hydrocarbon, Siemens Building Technologies conducted a research study into extinguishing with natural gases. The results of this extensive research study essentially formed the basis of the following decisions:

       -        No use of pre-mixed natural gases.

     -        Provision of the best solution for extinguishing fires using pure carbon dioxide, pure nitrogen or pure argon as the extinguishing agent.

The basic idea behind Sinorix™ is that the most suitable gas is recommended for each application.

     -        Pure nitrogen is best suited to applications in which personal safety has to be ensured (e.g. IT rooms); in contrast, the use of carbon dioxide is limited to applications with no personal safety requirements (e.g. generator stations).

     -        Pure argon is used for special applications (e.g. warehouse with critical chemical substances, where there is a risk of a metal fire, e.g. lithium), or only at the request of the client.

Around 90 % of all installed Sinorix™ systems use nitrogen, approx. 10 % use carbon dioxide. Only a very small number of systems use argon as the extinguishing agent.

The decision to use the pure natural gases nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide proved to be the right one, when a 1997 CEA study on the behavior of natural gases clearly showed that each of the natural gases have a different extinguishing behavior.







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