Nitrogen displaces the oxygen in a fire. This is how a Sinorix™ N2 fire extinguishing system works too.


The benefits of nitrogen are:


- Readily available (rapidly and at low cost)


- Natural inert gas (main component of our natural atmosphere)


- Easy to remove after use by venting (no fading as is experienced with CO2)


- No danger to life at oxygen concentrations of >10 vol. %



Extinguishing effect of nitrogen



Fires are extinguished by flooding zones with nitrogen to displace oxygen. To ensure a permanent effect, no oxygen may subsequently enter the flooding zone from outside. The amount of nitrogen used will determine the remaining oxygen concentration. In order to observe the recommended oxygen concentration, only a precisely calculated amount of nitrogen may be channeled to the flooding zone. If the oxygen concentration falls below the recommended level, additional personal protection measures are required. Sinorix™ gas fire extinguishing systems Standard With additional measures.









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